Smarter security beats data leaks to the punch. Protect your sensitive information in Content Server from insider abuse.

Guardian for Content Server is a compliance solution for OpenText Content Server. Guardian helps minimize internal risks by enabling you to detect, investigate, and act on malicious activities in your organization. Guardian rules allow you to define the types of risks to identify and detect in your organization (such as download, email, copy, etc.), including the action the rule should take (notification and/or account disabling) when a rule is violated. Management can then quickly take any further appropriate actions necessary to make sure users’ actions adhere to your organization's compliance standards.



Prevent the damage from phishing attempts and employee theft


Minimize the regulatory, financial, and reputational impacts of information leaks


Identify and manage potential risks with Predictive Analysis

Products and Services Overview

Guardian was written in response to the theft of millions of documents from the US Government. Guardian’s purpose is to alert the proper resources or lock an account when a user exceeds average activity levels for actions that can compromise your document repository. Protect your documents with Guardian or risk a breach.


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