Shinydocs reimagines your enterprise content management system with a focus on compliance, growth and governance of your data.

Shinydocs was founded in 2013 with the belief that there is a better, more intuitive way for organizations to manage their data and implement strong information governance. Built on over a decade of research and patented technology, this belief has propelled us forward to develop innovative enterprise-class information management business solutions. Partnering with some of the world’s largest companies and organizations across the globe, we help them manage their data to become successful and compliant digital enterprises.



Meet compliance standards, reduce risk, and better manage your data


Turn unmanaged, ever-expanding data into managed, organized intelligence


Gain actionable insights to make better business decisions

Products and Services Overview

Shinydrive is the best-selling interface to Content Server that drives 100% ECM adoption. Shinydocs Cognitive crawls, finds and categorizes information scattered across organizations. Customers see the totality of their data, uncovering insights to make more effective business decisions and drive growth.


Product Focus
ECM, data intelligence
Type of Partnership
Industry Focus
Energy, FinTech, Finance, Government, Manufacturing
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