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Platform 3 Solutions offers a full suite of products and services to empower secure and seamless transitions of data and applications, reduce technology debt, and deliver the ROI to invest in technology modernization. The Platform 3 Technology Debt Score™ accurately measures an organization’s existing technology debt. Our Platform 3 ROI Assessment™ converts the technology debt data into a defendable ROI model that demonstrates the actual savings deliverable through Platform 3 to free up cash to invest in modernization and ensure data compliance.



Accelerate decommissioning, archiving, and migrations cycles up to 80%


Reduce technology debt and enable digital modernization


Ensure compliance and legal readiness

Products and Services Overview

Platform 3 Solutions helps customers decommission legacy and redundant systems while maintaining compliance and legal readiness. We offer a set of products, solutions, and services around application decommissioning, archiving, and migration. Our core motivation is to help customers reduce technology debt, maintain proper information governance, and enable technology modernization.


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